My fellow Berliners

My fellow Berliners,

For a few years now our city has started looking to the future and moving ahead again. This change in attitude which the Berlin SPD and I personally were elected to achieve has indeed happened. Together we have got Berlin going and moved it forward.

Right now it is all about doing whatever we can to enable Berlin’s economy to continue to grow to the benefit of all. The opportunities for Berlin are enormous. In the field of science and technology we are without rival in the whole country and the start of the extension of the new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport will bring the city new economic prospects.

At the centre of our future work will be the creation and maintenance of jobs. That is the goal we want our policies to be focussed on in the next few years.

On the following pages we have set out clearly and concisely our manifesto for Berlin. I hope this will give you an idea of what you can expect if you vote for the SPD at the House of Representatives Election on the 17th September.

The members of the Berlin SPD would be very happy to meet you if you would like to discuss any of our policies or our manifesto, and who knows, maybe we will get to meet each other personally in the course of the next few weeks.

May I wish you a wonderful summer.







Klaus Wowereit


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