City of knowledge

City of knowledge

Education creates opportunity
Berlin has one of the best education and child care programmes in the whole country. This includes the tried and tested half day primary school from 7.30am to 1.30pm. This is helping to create the favourable conditions needed for bringing together family and professional life. From 2007, the last year of nursery school will be free.

With the new education law a comprehensive reform of the Berlin education system has been introduced. We are strengthening the language skills of the children, shortening the time period leading to the Abitur and improving the quality of teaching and support given to disadvantaged children.

Children will be learning together for longer. We will therefore develop a scheme for community schools and we will expand successful comprehensive schools into community schools. The initiative for all this will lie with the schools themselves.

Education is a priority – the school is our future.
Every child should be able to speak German by the time he or she starts school. To this end we will further increase our support for language teaching – with even more opportunities for parents with a non German background.

The number of those dropping out of school will be halved and the number of those going on to study after the Abitur will be increased.

The renovation of school buildings and sports facilities will be continued - we have committed over 40 billion euros to this for the year 2007.

In order to make the transition from school to employment easier we will enable greater cooperation between schools, industry and the employment agency.

More students with better support
The education and care of students at Berlin’s further education colleges will be strengthened and the number of those dropping out, which is too high, will be reduced.

Colleges will work more closely with schools, so that students can be better prepared for their study courses.

There must be no financial obstacles to studying.


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