A strong City

A strong City


Making the most of Berlin’s Opportunities
In 2005 over 3000 jobs were created by firms which moved to Berlin. Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI) is also giving new impetus to the economy. Above all it is the smaller and medium sized businesses which will benefit from this.


Strengthening our industrial base and medium sized businesses.
We are going to roll out the red carpet for those firms which move to Berlin. We have commercial properties at attractive prices to meet every need. For the smallest businesses and for the self-employed the local authorities will make subsidies available.


Concentrating our strengths
Health services, communication technology, media and culture, transport and mobility will be the industries of the future for Berlin. New businesses will emerge from ideas which are being developed in Berlin. We strongly support this.


Tourism as a job creator
1000 additional beds have led to the creation of 2500 new jobs. In order that tourists who do not speak German can get around the city easily, information on public transport and in museums will also be shown in English within two years at the latest.


Improving the lives of the unemployed.
We are committed to an employment policy which puts quality before quantity.  Apprenticeships will be open to every young Berliner. Older people who are unemployed will be given additional support through further training courses. Cheap labour must be combated and a compulsory minimum wage introduced.


A reliable budgetary policy
In future we will work hard to consolidate Berlin’s finances, but not at the expense of social justice. Berlin must not save so much it can’t function, but nor can it live at the expense of future generations.


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