A social city

A social city



Justice through community

We want a city where everything is easily accessible and where local communities offer an integrated mix of residential, leisure and shopping facilities. The public arena should be a place where relaxation and social contact are possible. This must be true for the problem areas as well. Here we are placing and shall continue to place the emphasis on the established area management systems which we introduced. In order to make the inner city a more attractive place to live we will free it up from private traffic.


A policy of integration is the policy of the future
We are aware in particular of the needs of second and third generation immigrants.
We will strongly promote the acquisition of German language skills and refuse to let Berlin divide into separate communities along ethnic or religious lines.
Those schools where children from an immigrant background make up over 30% will receive special support.


Social cohesion.
Families are where children are. That is why families must be made financially more secure. People with disabilities must be able to determine their own lives and enjoy equal rights. We support the desire of many people including those in older age to maintain their independence.


City housing corporations.
15% of all rented housing in Berlin will continue to be in public ownership. We reject any sale of city owned properties and we will furthermore promote housing associations.


The number of crimes in 2005 was the lowest for 13 years. Nevertheless any crime is one too many. So we will continue to work to make Berlin an even safer city.


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